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HCG and HMG in Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) for Men: A Comparative Analysis

It seems that I get a decent bounce back when I come off.
I plan on an extended break in a few months and then normal TRT.
My issue with not checking my hormone levels when I come off, is that I get my TRT from my PCP.
PCPs are not that knowledgeable when it comes to hormone treatment.
I might just have my blood work run privately, if I can find an affordable testing facility.

If you plan to stay on trt then focus on your hematocrit level and hemoglobin. You don’t want those getting High
Agreed. Hb & HCT have always been good going back well over a decade, with the exception of being over a point or two here and there.. and that's with a wide variety of high and low cycles of blast and cruise TRT with every combination of anabolics under the sun. It goes back to the home-brewing days.😉